• magical crystal ice rink
  • Magical Crystal Real Ice Rink
  • Our Magical Crystal real ice rink will feature in our Winter Wonderland, slide and skate the biggest and best ice rink in Australia!

  • australia’s largest teacup ride
  • Australia’s Largest Teacup Ride
  • NEW FEATURE: Australia’s largest teacup ride will bring a mad hatters tea party to the Sydney Santa Spectacular. Spin your own teacup round as fast as you want whilst enjoying our spinning table top!

  • polar bears snowball playground
  • Polar Bears Snowball Playground
  • NEW FEATURE for 2018 - Polar bears Snow ball playground! Dive into our snowball playground fun for kids and kids at heart!

  • interactive enchanted forest
  • Interactive Enchanted Forest
  • Interactive Enchanted Forest, with snow falling, carols singing, spectacular displays, animatronic house displays and over 200000 lights!

  • can you find the elf
  • Can You Find The ELF?
  • NEW attraction: Have you seen the Naughty Elf? He has taken up a hiding spot in our Elf on the shelf interactive zone. Can you help us find the naughty Elf?

  • elves village art center
  • Elves Village Art Center
  • BRAND NEW Elves Village Art Center - a FREE activity PLUS more new activities to make a Christmas present for your loved ones only at $5

  • australia’s only double decker carousel
  • Australia’s Only Double Decker Carousel
  • Australia’s only Double Decker Carousel will again be in rotation, with magical horses, carriage or tea cup. You are bound to find something to enjoy about this Italian Beauty!

  • santa’s stables
  • Santa’s Stables
  • Come by Santa’s stables to train Santa’s next batch of Reindeers. Can you train the next Rudolph?

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  • On your journey to the Santa's Enchanted Forest walk, you will go through an Enchanting and Magical Forest area, where you can meet our Christmas Characters and click pictures with them !!

  • We promise a truly Spectacular Christmas Event that will surely create lasting memories for you. And yes, ALL RIDES ARE INCLUDED in the entry price only !!

  • While we have many interesting activities for Kids, Mum and Dad can relax with ice skating and turbo taboggan, that comes free with the entry price !!
    Other Attractions includes -

    * Make your own cookie decoration
    * Various crafts and fun activities
    * Roving Christmas characters
    * Story time with Christmas Favourite - 'Mrs. Santa'
    * Sing Alongs and much more fun...